I conceived
and birthed all life.
Then, out of my love for you,
my children,
I gave you my beloved mate, Osiris
Lord of vegetation
God of the grain
to be cut down
and born again.
I nursed you through sickness with my healing arts
I made you clothes and invented weaving and spinning
I watched over your first steps
helping you grow from infancy to maturity.
I was even there with you
at the end
to hold your hand
and guide you to immortality.
You were All
and I gave you all
and to you I was All.
Isis, Great Goddess, All Mother.

ISIS has appeared in your life to tell you it is time for mothering. Have you been giving all your mothering energy away without keeping some for yourself? Have you taken on a new project, just had a new baby, feel

Journey to Isis

     Find a time and a place when and where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie comfortably with your spine straight and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release it with the sound "ma." Take another deep breath and let go of all you are holding onto with the sound "ma." Now take a deep breath and as you release it see, sense or feel yourself on a smooth clear river in a small boat.
     It is a warm, sunny day and the boat is rocking you gently back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. You lie in the boat on a soft pile of cushions, while the boat carries you along. The rocking is soothing. The air smells sweet and fragrant. You allow yourself to surrender to the warmth of the sun and the motion of the boat.
     The sounds of the water lapping against the boat send you into a blissful relaxed state. In that state you are now able to ask "where do I need mothering?" You will either see, feel or sense a time in your life, past or present, when you needed to be mothered and didn't receive what you needed. Allow any feelings that come up to be expressed. Continue to surrender to the motion of the boat in the water.
     The boat drifts into a landing and stops. You sit up. Before you is the Temple of Isis. You get out of the boat and walk up to the Temple. You take off your shoes and enter the Temple. It is dark inside, except for an oil lamp which burns in the entry way. You take the oil lamp and enter into the depths of ISIS's temple. You find a spot where you feel comfortable and put the oil lamp on the ground, sit before it and call ISIS.
     ISIS appears and asks you what you need. You tell her of the time in your life that you needed mothering and ask her to mother you. For example: if, while in the boat you had a sense that when you were an infant you didn't get the mothering you needed you could hand over to ISIS yourself as an infant and let her mother you. ISIS knows how to mother, so be sure to give yourself over to her and be sure to take it in. Really take in that divine mothering from ISIS, till you feel filled and satiated.
     If you have handed yourself over to ISIS, take yourself back. She will ask you for a gift and you will give it to her with an open heart. When you are ready to leave thank her. As you thank her tell her that you release her in gratitude. ISIS vanishes and you pick up the oil lamp, returning it to its place and leave the temple. The boat is waiting for you. You get back into the boat. The boat drifts out into the river and heads back. You drift with it feeling relaxed, revitalized and at peace. The boat lands on the opposite side of the river. You take a deep breath releasing it slowly and when you feel ready you open your eyes.
     Welcome back.



All text is © by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, and cannot be used without her permission.
Art is © by Hrana Janto, and cannot be used without her permission.

that something needs extra mothering but you don't feel up to it? Has your relationship with your own mother or a caregiver you called mother been one where you didn't get the mothering you needed? ISIS says that it is important on your path to wholeness to be able to get the mothering you need in order to heal past woundings. Everyone needs to be mothered, regardless of whether you are a maiden, mother or crone.


ISIS was worshiped in places such as Egypt, the Roman Empire, Greece, Germany, to name a few. She formed a trinity with Osiris and Horus and was the Egyptian throne: Pharaohs sat in the lap of ISIS, which gave them the right to rule. When the temples of ISIS were turned into Christian churches, ISIS herself with baby HORUS on her lap became the Virgin Mary and Jesus.