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Art is © by Hrana Janto, and cannot be used without her permission.




AMATERASU Beauty Beauty Bath Japan
APHRODITE Love Holding Space Mediterranean
ARTEMIS Selfhood Taking Yourself Back Mediterranean
BABA YAGA Wild Woman Retrieving Your Wild Woman Slavic
BAST Play Playtime with BAST Egypt
BLODEUWEDD Betrayal Journey to BLODEUWEDD Wales
BRIGID Inspiration Journey to BRIGID Celtic
CERRIDWEN Death and Rebirth CERRIDWEN'S Cauldron Wales
CHANGING WOMAN Cycles Celebrating Your Cycles Navajo/Apache
COATLICUE Grief Drumming Your Grief Aztec
CORN WOMAN Nourishment Sacred Eating Southwestern Indigenous Aboriginals and Pueblo Peoples
DEMETER Feelings/Emotions Saying What is So Mediterranean
DURGA Boundaries Sacred Circle of Self India
EOSTRE Growth Growth Northern Europe
THE ERINYES Crisis The Cocoon Mediterranean
EURYNOME Ecstasy Dancing with EURYNOME Mediterranean
FREYA Sexuality Making Love with the Elements Northern Europe
GYHLDEPTIS Synthesis Feasting in GYHLDEPTIS' Festival House Tlingit and Haida
HATHOR Pleasure The Pleasure Break Egypt
HECATE Crossroads HECATE's Journey of Perspective Mediterranean
HESTIA Hearth/Home Coming Home Mediterranean
INANNA Embracing the Shadow Journey to Meet Your Shadow Sumer
ISIS Mothering Journey to ISIS Egypt
IX CHEL Creativity IX CHEL's Energy Web Mayan
KALI Fear Meeting Your Fear India
KUAN YIN Compassion Journey to KUAN YIN China
LADY OF BEASTS Relationship Creating Win-Win Situations Sumer, Crete, India
LAKSHMI Abundance Flowing with LAKSHMI India
LILITH Power Cord-cutting Ceremony South-west Asia
MAAT Justice Handing Over to MAAT for Justice Egypt
MAEVE Responsibility Owning Dance Ireland
MAYA Illusion Parting the Veils of Illusion India
MINERVA Beliefs What's in My Attic Roman and Etruscan
MORGAN LE FAYE Rhythms Journey to Avalon Wales
NU KUA Order Journey to NU KUA China
NUT Mystery NUT'S Embrace Egypt
OSHUN Sensuality The Bath Santeria, Brazil, Macumba, Yoruba
OYA Change Enlisting Change as your Ally Santeria, Brazil, Macumba, Yoruba
PACHAMAMA Healing/Wholing/Holy Opening to PACHAMAMA Peru and Boliva
PELE Awakening The Volcano Hawaii
RHIANNON Doubt Doubt Alchemy Wales
SEDNA Victim Dancing Your Victim Inuit
SEKHMET Anger and Rage Dancing with SEKHMET Egypt
SHAKTI Energy Cosmic Chakra Orgasm India
SHEILA NA GIG Opening Creating Opening Ireland
SOPHIA Wisdom Connecting with your Inner SOPHIA South-west Asia
SPHINX Challenge Meeting Challenge Face-to-Face Egypt and Mediterranean
SULIS Illness/Wellness Recalling & Rebuilding Your Inner Fire Ancient Britain
TARA Centering Meeting TARA Through the Breath India & Tibet
UZUME Laughter Journey to UZUME Japan
VILA Shape-Shifting Shape-Shifting the Elements Eastern Europe
YEMAYA Surrender Surrendering Santeria, Brazil, Macumba & Yoruba