When threatened by demons
I fiercely protect myself
with all that I am
with all that I have
from deep within
I call forth all that I need.
I am the "Inaccessible"
for I place myself beyond the reach of all that would destroy me
all that would annihilate me
all that tries to wound me.
I am the "Unapproachable"
for nothing can get at me that I do not willing let in.
I need dance my dance of oneness
only with that which supports me
nurtures me
loves me.
For all that does not
I say: approach at your own risk!

You have called DURGA into your life to help you to create boundaries. (My definition of a boundary is a shield or skin surrounding you that allows you to choose what you take in. All life happens outside of your boundary and you witness it and decide what you are going to take in to nurture yourself with.) What is

Sacred Circle of Self

     Find a time and place where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie comfortably (sitting is preferred but lying down is acceptable) with your spine straight.
Close your eyes and breathe in through your center, your womb (for more on this see Goddess * page ***).
     Create a circle around yourself of whatever material you choose. It can be anything. It is according to what you need to feel safe and protected. Once you have created the circle around you, then make the space within the circle as large or small as you need. It can be miles or oceans from where you are to the circle itself or just a foot. Take as much space as you need and only you know how much you need to take. A possible way to determining how much space you need is to try a variety of different amounts of space and ask yourself what feels best. Set your circle of whatever materials you choose at the appropriate amount of space.
    Now fill that circle with that which nurtures you. You can fill it with color, making it a pink circle, let's say. Or a golden circle. You can fill it with flowers, plants, animals. You can fill it with anything you want, as long as it nurtures, supports and loves you. I would strong urge you not to fill it with people or a person. This is your own private, personal space. You may when appropriate let your boundary go soft so that you can share deeper intimacy with a loved one, but this is your space, for you alone. You are not required to share your space.
    Sit with your sacred circle of self around you until you sense your boundary is in place, ready to protect and nurture you. When ready you can open your eyes and come back to the present. To reactivate your sacred circle of self you need only pause, close your eyes, take a breath, and visualize, sense it around you. Remember to tune into the amount of space you need. In some situations, you may need vast amounts of space and in others, very little. Also, the materials you use to create the sacred circle of self may change over time.



All text is © by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, and cannot be used without her permission.
Art is © by Hrana Janto, and cannot be used without her permission.

being taken into yourself that needs remain outside? How are you not protecting yourself, your life, your time? Perhaps you fear limiting yourself or offending others? Perhaps you feeling dumped on by the emotions of others? Are you feeling pulled off center by the need to give and give and give till there is nothing left for anyone, let alone, yourself? DURGA is here to assist you in nurturing wholeness by creating and fixing the limits of your own personal space, your boundaries. Boundaries are vital to weaving wholeness because they let others know who are you and where you stand. Having no boundaries gives other the message that we are limitless and want to be treated in a limitless way. We are not limitless because there are places where we get hurt, places where we are vulnerable, places that need to be treated with care. Boundaries say that you love yourself enough to know what needs protection and what can be shared. (Without boundaries we give and give and give and then react adversely or angrily because we have given too much. With boundaries we know how much to give and then we stop so there is no need to have to react adversely so that we don't have to give anymore. We can take care of ourselves.)

Devi is what the Goddess is called in India. To the Hindu, all goddesses are one goddess or different aspects of Devi, or the devine feminine. DURGA is the aspect of Devi that was called into being to rid the world of the evil demon Mahisa Buffalo named DURGA. None of the gods could destroy DURGA, so they went to Devi and asked for help. In remembrance of the great battle, Devi took the name of DURGA.