APHRODITE, ancient mediterannean mother goddess, traveled to Greece when the Greeks colonized Canaan. Although traditionally revered in all her multitudinous aspects, including battle, the Greeks relegated her to a love goddess. When she arrived at Olympus, Zeus married her to the lame Hesephus, the smithy of the gods. He made her exquisite jewelry, but she preferred Ares, god of war, in her bed.

APHRODITE is here with her dance of love telling you it is time to luxeriate, bask and revel in love for yourself. Wherever you are in relation to yourself, now is the time to love yourself. Do you spend the day without telling yourself how much you love yourself? Do you do little loving things for yourself to show your appreciation for you or are you miserly and keep yourself on a diet of starvation rations? Do you listen to your needs in a loving, respectful way, or do you dump on yourself when you balk at the fierce schedule you keep, complain about the job you hate, bemoan the relationship you endure? APHRODITE says that to be able to love another, you must be able to love yourself. Loving another means being able to hold the space for them to show up exactly as they are. Holding the space is about witnessing yourself and your loved one with love, amusement and delight. The amount of space we can hold for another is dependant on the amount of space we can hold for ourselves. Wholeness is achieved when we can hold infinite space and patience for ourselves and by being able to do that for ourselves first, extend it to others.

When I open my heart
I am filled
with delight so profound
with ecstasy so sweet
with pleasure so deep
the connecting with my beloved
takes me to all the places
and the union
plays rhapsodies in my soul
I can achieve union
when I achieve oneness
with myself
I can dance partnership
when I can dance alone
I can love another
when I can love myself



This can be done anytime, anywhere, for whatever amount of time you feel is appropriate. Take a deep breath and release it. Take another deep breath and as you release it, feel, sense or see a circle of space around you. It can be any amount of space that you need. Be sure to give yourself what you need. Now fill that space with love - in any form that pleases, delights, tickles, makes you feel good. Put yourself in the center of the circle, in the middle of all that love and take it in. Take it into your cells, into the marrow of your bones. Take it in whether or not your feel you deserve it, take it in regardless of how you feel about yourself. Just take it in. See, sense or feel yourself filling with love for you. As you are holding the space for you, look into your own eyes, as you stand in the center of the circle and tell yourself that you love you. Keep repeating it over and over until you feel your love for you dancing in your heart. Take in the love and circulate it through your body. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly and open your eyes. You might find yourself with the afterglow of a satisfied smile on your face.



All text is © by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, and cannot be used without her permission.
Art is © by Hrana Janto, and cannot be used without her permission.